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released October 27, 2015



all rights reserved


ФОНТАН Moscow, Russia

ФОНТАН (en. fountain): Katya, Demid, Senya & Kirill

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Track Name: way out
I’ve tried to get some rest
but I can’t even sleep.
I wonder if I’m too scared
or just I’m tired to death.

Tired of hearing again
the same old barren lies,
sick of all of them.

Can’t explain all this noise all around right now,
but I’ll never let you down
and we’ll find a new way out.

I see you back then and now again.
I see you with my eyes closed.
Still driving me to that place
I promised not going back to.

Won’t be the way you want.
I know about your tricks
and learnt a few more.

If we just share the road
we’ll try to cool it down.
Still too far from home.
Track Name: on the road
I know you already know…
I don’t care…
I’ll keep saying it.
No matter if it’s gone
I’m still ready
I’m still waiting.

Let me shout it now
cause I’m starting to feel
so goddamned cold.
I won’t let it down
but I’m so alone.

I can hear your voice
near again.
It’s not so different.
Echoes from the past,
memories from then,
no one else could feel.

Give me your hand
I won’t bite
though I’ve got a hell inside.
Now it’s time to forget
and start the ride again.

I promise to wait
but I’m still so alone.
I won’t let it down
but I’m starting to feel
so goddamned cold.